St John Association of Cyprus

St John Association of Cyprus


Our long-term, since 1926, affiliation with the St. John Order and our close ties with the St. John Ambulance of the United Kingdom on the one hand, and on the other our nature of being a charitable organization and therefore a non-profit one, create those conditions of offering training in first aid at the maximum possible qualitative level and at the same time at the lowest cost. All our training programs, information of which appear herebelow, meet fully the guidelines set by the Labour Inspectorate Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and the European Resuscitation Council. Their content and implementing norms are identical to those of the St. John Ambulance and therefore satisfy fully the requirements of the Health and Safety Commission.

1. Full Programme

This Programme lasts for 30 contact-hours and covers fully all aspects of first aid.

2. First Aid at Work with Resuscitation

The duration of this Programme is 21 hours.

It must be noted that during the sessions for the Automated External Defibrillator (about 3 hours) a second instructor is recruited so that the condition set by the European Resuscitation Council, i.e. of not being more than 6 trainees in each class, is met.

3. First Aid at Work

This course lasts for 18 contact hours.

4. Requalification Programme

This programme applies to those who are already qualified first aiders of the above 3 programmes, i.e. Full Programme, First Aid at Work with Resuscitation and First Aid at Work, and their certificates are about to expire or have already expired, and they want their certificates been renewed; in such cases they can follow the Requalification Programme and their Certificates is renewed for another three years.

The duration of the programme is 12 contact-hours.

5. First Aid for Children and Infants

This programme applies to young mothers and/or persons that are in charge with children and infants care and its duration is 12 hours. Its characteristic is the adaptation of First Aid to the particularities of the specific dangers to which an infant or a child might be exposed.

6. Automated External Defibrillator

The course lasts for 6 hours. It is noted that no more than 6 trainees can be accommodated in each class.

7. Emergency First Aid at Work

The underline feature of this programme lies with the possibility of being adjusted to the particularities of the business it is intended for. Its duration is 6 hours.


The following principles apply to all the above programmes:

1. the trainer of a programme, cannot function as an examiner as well; for the programmes 1, 2, and 3 examinations are contacted by two persons the first one being either an M.D. or a qualified nurse.

2. the participants receive hand-outs and a First Aid Pocket Guide.

3. the maximum number of participants in each course is 12 trainees with the exception of programme No.5 which is only 6, and No. 6 which is 15; the minimum number, with the exception of course No. 5, is 8.

4. the validity of the certificates issued lasts for 3 years.

5. the validity of the certificates can be extended for another 3 years by either following the Requalification Programme or by attending the programme afresh as is the case for programs 5 and 6.

6. upon the completion of a programme, the participants must attend an examination, the duration of which is additional to the duration of the programme as mentioned above.

7. the trainer of a programma and the Examiner for a specific programme, cannot be the same person.

8. there is a First Aid Book, available in Greek and in English language, that is advised to all trainees.

9. during the training of the use of bandages, actual bandage is used.

10. there exists the possibility of conducting courses in all districts, since District Committees are in full swing; additionally at the same time more than one course can be implemental even in the same district.

11. the courses can be contacted either in our premises, with no extra costs, or in premises chosen by the interested business; also at such hours and dates, that can meet the particularities of the interested business.

12. the Programmes First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work and Automated External Defibrillator are subsidized by the Human Recourse Development Authority (ΑνΑΔ),provided that all prerequisites set by the Authority are met. St. John has been authorized by the Department of Labour Inspection to act as a provider of training in first aid.