St John Association of Cyprus

St John Association of Cyprus




Independent St. John Brigades (herein after refer as Brigades) can be established in any organization or business of the public or private sector provided that the said organization employs at least one hundred people.


The policy of the Brigade consists of the promotion of the principles, ideas and aims of the world-wide movement of St. John.


The objectives of any Brigade consist of :

1. the training people in first aid in accordance with the approved programmes and specifications of the Association;

2. the selection and submission to the Association of first aiders who are willing and eligible to be trained as trainers of first aid;

3. the submission to the Association of candidates who are capable to undertake specific duties, mainly of administrative nature within the Brigade;

4. the updating on a permanent basis, of its registry regarding people that have been trained as well as programs implemented;

5. The set up of a body of uniformed volunteers.


The Brigade consists of Headquarters and wherever is considered advisable, of District Branches. It is recommended that when the interested Business or Organization is organized on a District level, Branches are established as well;

The Brigade operates under the guidance and direction of its Commissioner who is appointed by the Association acting on a relevant recommendation by the interested Business/Organization. The Commissioner can ask for a Deputy to be appointed provided the appointee is in possession of a valid Certificate of First Aid or is an Instructor of first aid; it is recommended that a Deputy Commissioner is in charge of every Branch.

The Commissioner is solely responsible for the efficient functioning of the Brigade; amongst its main duties are the promotion and establishment of proper relationships within as well as outside the Organization/Business.

Of particular importance is the fact that he is the liaison between the Brigade and the Association.


The Association acknowledges the Brigade as an autonomous member with which it co-operates closely.

The Association provides free of charge guidance, help and all the knowhow it possesses in relation to the training activities; also it takes care of:

i. the training of properly submitted first aiders into trainers,

ii. the issuing of the relevant Certificates,

iii. conducting examinations of all people who had successfully completed a prescribed course in first aid,

iv. providing books and other training materials.

At the same time the Brigade

i. adheres to the policy and promotes the objectives of the Association,

ii. co-operates closely with the Association on all related issues, and

iii. follows to the letter the guidelines and the basic principles that govern training activities.

F. The Brigade covers the costs of its own activities and especially those that are related to the trainers and examiners; also the costs for the issuing of the Certificates. On top, it covers the costs of the training of trainers’programmes that are implemented on its own request. These costs are comprised of participation fees, and fees for examination and certification.

The Association furnishes the Brigade with books and other teaching materials at reduced prices; if need arises it provides teaching equipment, on loan however.

G. Acting on a recommendation by the Brigade, the Association can bestow honours on persons related to the Brigade for exceptional services offered to the society that are conducive to the promotion of the objectives and aims of the Association or for exemplary actions.