Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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St John Association of Cyprus

St John Association of Cyprus


The Brigade, by being a voluntary body, offers first aid services to events in which the public participates either as provider of services or as an attendee; such events were the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and the organization of the Athletic Games of the Small Countries of Europe. During these events, the Uniformed Volunteers Body offered first aid to the individuals that were in need of• whilst attending the services that took place during the Pope’s visit in Paphos and Nicosia and the Athletic Games; these services were offered at no cost; special first aid kids have been prepared for both the occasions.

Note must be taken of the fact that the presence of the volunteers was apparent since they were uniformed bearing their insignia.

Similar services are offered to private bodies for which however a token amount of money is charged. Such events were lately organized by Madame Figaro, the United Development Programme, the Dog Show, etc.